La Gomera

La Gomera

Discover the typical products of this little gem that captivates with its incredible landscapes, its ancient forests, its vertical cliffs and its gastronomy.

Welcome to La Gomera, the island that captivates with its incredible landscapes, its millenary forests, its vertical cliffs overlooking the Atlantic and its rich gastronomic heritage. At CanarianMarket, we invite you to discover the typical products of this little jewel of the archipelago. 

Almogrote gomero: the gastronomic "must" of the Canary Islands

Almogrote is a culinary treasure of the Canary Islands, originally from La Gomera. This delicious paste of cheese, paprika, garlic and pepper is a traditional recipe that conquers the palate of everyone who tries it. It is probably the most valued gastronomic souvenir of our islands. It is perfect as a spread on bread or as an accompaniment to any other dish.

Gofio gomero: history, tradition and craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the essence of La Gomera with Gofio Gomero. This producer is a benchmark in the production of gofio. So much so that it won the prize for the best gofio in the Canary Islands in the Official Gofio Agrocanarias 2021 competition. 

The company still preserves traditional milling techniques and produces varieties that only use 100% natural ingredients, with local raw materials.

Whether in milk for breakfast or as an ingredient for a good watercress stew or escaldón, Gofio Gomero will not leave you indifferent. 

Palm honey: the Gomeran nectar 

Discover the sweet treasure of La Gomera with palm honey, a dark and delicious nectar. Extracted from the sap of palm trees, this honey adds depth and authenticity to both sweet and savoury dishes. With every drop, you'll be immersed in the island's rich gastronomic tradition.

Homemade jams: Artisan flavour

Explore the variety of homemade jams from El Masapé, a brand that captures the essence of La Gomera in each of its artisan products. From fig jam to the irresistible pepper jam, each option is an invitation to enjoy irresistible flavours. 

Pastas gomeras: Traditional sweets

Conclude your gastronomic experience with pastas gomeras, authentic artisan delicacies with more than 3 decades of history. These pastries, full of texture and flavour, are the perfect after-dinner complement. 

Discover and savour La Gomera through CanarianMarket, your window to the culinary treasures of the Canary Islands.

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