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Discover passion in every sip with CanarianMarket's red wines. Each bottle is a masterpiece of intensity and flavour.

Discover our extensive catalogue of Canarian red wines. We have bottles from the best wineries in the archipelago. Choose the variety you like the most, we will help you. 

Young red wine and crianza red wine: main differences

The main difference between young red wine and crianza red wine lies in the ageing process. Young red wine is produced from freshly harvested grapes and bottled shortly after fermentation. This means that it does not undergo an ageing process in oak barrels, which gives it a fresher and fruitier taste. Crianza red wine, on the other hand, is aged in oak barrels for a minimum period of six months. This gives it a more complex and deeper flavour, with notes of vanilla, spices and toast from the wood. Moreover, the longer the wine is aged in barrels, the more intense and balanced its flavour will be.

Bodegas El grifo

Don't miss the wine of the oldest winery in the Canary Islands, located in Lanzarote. The red wines of Bodegas El Grifo are made from Listán Negro, a type of grape native to the islands. This grape variety adapts very well to the climate of the region and is a vivid reflection of the volcanic origin of the land where it is grown, with a distinctive mineral background. 

Bodegas Monje

This winery, built in 1956, still ferments its Tinto Tradicional wine in the old oak barrels, combining the most traditional practices with modern technology. The wines of Bodegas Monje are certified with the Denominación de Origen (DOP) Tacoronte - Acentejo. 

Bodegas Reverón

The most outstanding feature of Bodegas Reverón is that its vineyards, located in the Tenerife village of Vilaflor, are situated above 1,300 metres above sea level. This contributes to the fact that very few grapes can grow, as only those that are adapted to these conditions are able to do so. 

Take your time to explore these and the other brands we have available. Burgmann, Tafuriaste, Altos de Trevejos, Arautava, Atalante, Conatvs... and many others.

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