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White wine

Immerse yourself in the freshness and elegance of the white wines of the Canary Islands. Discover their fruity aromas and unique flavour in every bottle.

Are you a lover of good white wine? If so, CanarianMarket has a selection of high quality white wines that you are sure to love. Our online shop offers a wide range of choices from fruity to dry and organic.

Fruity white wine

If sweet and smooth flavours are your thing, you have to try our selection of fruity white wines. These wines have a balanced acidity that enhances their flavour and a smooth texture that makes them easy to drink. Moreover, their fresh aroma with fruity notes invites you to keep enjoying them until the last drop. Perfect for pairing with soft cheeses

Dry white wine

Dry white wines have an elegant and sophisticated taste that makes you appreciate the complexity of the wine. These wines have a light body and a smooth texture that makes them perfect for pairing with salads, seafood and fish. In addition, their clean and refreshing aroma makes you feel as if you were walking through a garden in the middle of spring. 

Organic white wine

Do you know what the requirements are for a wine to be labelled organic? We explain them to you:

  1. It is essential that the grapes used to make this wine have not been damaged at any stage of the process. 
  2. No machinery may be used in the harvesting and treatment of the vineyards. Not even tractors, as the entire process must be manual. 
  3. The fertilisers used in the vineyards must be completely natural. 
  4. The soil on which the vines are grown must not contain any chemical compounds. 
  5. The carbon levels during the clarification phase must be very low. Fining consists of incorporating into the wine certain products capable of ensuring that the remains of the raw material and the components generated during fermentation are deposited at the bottom and the final product looks "cleaner".
  6. The cork of the bottles is completely natural.
  7. The ingredients used and the elaboration process must be clearly indicated on the label of the bottles. 

Discover the organic white wines available in the CanarianMarket catalogue.

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