Sustainable Canarian Market

We drive sustainability by reducing food waste throughout the supply chain. We support the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 at the United Nations General Assembly: Sustainable Development Goal 12 ensures sustainable production and consumption. In order to meet this goal by 2030, target 12.3 aims to halve global food waste per capita at retail and consumer level, and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses.

What are we doing to achieve this?

Creation of packs with close expiration dates, at a steep discount to prevent these products from being lost and having to be thrown away. Best-before and use-by dates are responsible for 10% of food waste in Europe (more than 8 million tons per year) and with this gesture, we invite CanarianMarket customers to limit this waste and get Canarian products at the best price.

Do you know the difference between shelf life and preferential consumption?


  • Not to be used after the expiry date.
  • Consume or freeze before the date.
  • Labelling on perishable products.
  • Food safety indicator.

Best before

  • Indicates the optimum time for consumption. Safe to take some time later.
  • If the date passes, the food may show changes (smell, texture...).
  • Organoleptic safety indicator.