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The Artisan Indian Tuno Jam is made with natural products, without herbicides or pesticides and of completely local origin, although this type of cactus was traditionally used by Native Americans as a sweetener, our ancestors brought it to the islands and have continued to harvest it ever since. The natural fruit content in the handmade jam is 60%, plus organic lemon juice as a natural preservative.

Made from Indian figs, organic cane sugar, lemon and pectin, the jam is perfect for cakes and pastries, goes well with foie gras, adds colour and goes surprisingly well with cheese boards. It is 100% handmade and has a flavour and aroma that reminds us of the Canarian culinary tradition. The fruits come from island fields and are harvested at just the right point to extract their best nutritional qualities and guarantee their full flavour.

High quality mojo, with all the flavour of the Canary Islands, and a spicy touch, made from 100% natural vegetables, without pesticides or preservatives and with local products, is ideal to accompany any dish, but above all the typical dishes of the islands.

It is a cold sauce although it can also be heated, being the perfect accompaniment for meat dishes, fish, potatoes, stews, soups, pulses and also to spread on bread, toast, sandwiches, sandwiches, pizza, etc. In this case the mojo picón is characterised by its strong spicy flavour that only the most exquisite palates can tolerate. Based on vegetables 100% produced on the island of Tenerife and free of pesticides and herbicides, the mojos of Buenum demonstrate once again their commitment to the Canary Islands and their natural environment.

The classic wafer biscuit with exquisite strawberry cream filling, lactose-free, egg-free and nut-free, made from the traditional recipe. With the new format you can choose the moment to enjoy them.

The classic wafer biscuit with a delicious strawberry cream filling. Enjoy its traditional recipe made without lactose, egg and nuts, perfect for vegans and vegetarians and with extreme care with the allergens mentioned. Its ingredients are: wheat flour, strawberry flavour cream 60% (sugar, palm vegetable fat, corn starch, lemon flavouring), emulsifier (soya lecithin), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonate), antioxidant (sodium metabisulphite), salt and Beta-Carotene colouring. The plant-based ingredients are 100% natural, free of pesticides and herbicides and locally sourced.

It is the Mencey de Chasna Tinto Joeven wine, it is made with a blend of grapes called Listón Negro, Tempranillo and Rubí Cabernet and which are native to the islands, they are natural without pesticides or herbicides, its colour is cherry red with light violet hints and it has an aroma of red fruits combined with mineral notes.

The vineyards are located in the municipality of Vilaflor at about 1300 meters above sea level which gives a unique taste to the wines, for its production we respect some old practices of manual harvesting, selected from the best clusters at optimum ripeness, to proceed to maceration and bottling. Cherry red in colour with light purplish hints, it has an aroma of red fruits combined with mineral notes. In the mouth it is fresh, with fresh and persistent fruity hints.

Typical Canarian sauce for seasoning and enriching meat, fish, vegetable and stew dishes, among others.

It is a concentrate, which can be consumed directly or adding oil and vinegar according to the consumer's taste.

It is made with olive oil and hot paprika.

Weight: 90 g.

Ready-to-eat product & gluten free.

Mojo Sauce Gourmet is one of our most tasty and renowned sauces. A delicacy for those looking for a mojo sauce with authentic Canarian flavour to season and enrich gourmet dishes.

Ingredients: Water, capsicum (Capsicumannuum), olive oil, wine vinegar (contains sulphites), ground garlic,modified starch, salt,ground cumin, thickener: xanthan gum;natural flavouring and colouring: paprika extract and hot paprika extract.

The Julieta Negra gluten-free beer was born from the search for a gluten-free beer for the daughter of the brewery's owner, who has had coeliac disease since the age of five and whose name is Julieta. It is also the first gluten-free black beer in Spain. These are special beers, brewed in ale style, which differentiate them from the other gluten-free beers that dominate the market. It has a fresher taste and a natural carbonation.

Cervezas Isla Verde was born in 2009, when the Polish Jolanta Klimaszeska could no longer cope with the beer ideas she had in her head. The owner's daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of five and for several years she asked her father to create a beer that she could drink without any problems. After many years of trying and perfecting the recipe, this beer was brewed. These are special beers, brewed in ale style, which differentiate them from the other gluten-free beers that dominate the market. It has a fresher taste and a natural carbonation.

With a blend of malt (wheat and barley), water, hops and yeast, Cerveza Artesanal Maruca Ecológica is a beer with a malty flavour accompanied by a clean, crisp bitterness. This makes it a quite exceptional beer.

Maruca Ecological Craft Beer is brewed with natural ingredients such as water, malts, hops and yeast, fennel and coriander. It is a beer with a malty flavour and a clean, crisp bitterness. In its production, we respect some old practices that allow us to make the most of the virtues of the islands.

Born in 1968, it was the result of the union of twelve traditional mills located in the municipalities of Fuencaliente, Villa de Mazo, Breña Alta, Breña Baja and Santa Cruz de la Palma, although it was not until 1992 that it was given the name by which it is known today. The main product is gofio in its different varieties (wheat, millet/corn, mixed) and gofio made from cereals with beans.

The wheat gofio is characterised by its handmade production in a stone mill, just as the old mills used to do in the past. The best native raw materials are selected because they reward the cereal that gives the island, the experience acquired over the years as well as exhaustive quality controls make Molinos las Breñas a mark of security and guarantee.

Gofio is one of the most ancestral foods of the Canary Islands as its origin goes back centuries, for many generations it was the food of the poor and served as food in many times of famine, today it is still an indispensable food in Canarian cuisine and has been given the recognition it deserves with the denomination of origin. 





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