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The Bibiana wine is the most ambiguous wine, made from Listán Negro, it has an intense redcurrant colour, with a fruity aroma and notes of joviality. Made with 100% natural vegetable ingredients, it has a fruity flavour characteristic of the elements used for its elaboration.

In its elaboration we respect some old practices such as maceration in open lockers and fermentation in old oak casks. With a dark redcurrant colour, it is made from Listán Negro and its indefinable characteristics are provided by its 100% natural vegetable origin without pesticides or herbicides and of autochthonous origin as its grape varieties only grow in the Canary Islands. Delicate tannin sensations appear on the palate with fresh fruit that comes back in the aftertaste and in the nose it is fruity and youthful.

Especias típicas que se utilizan para sazonar y enriquecer platos de carnes, pescados, verduras, sancochos, etc.

Se puede añadir aceite y vinagre según el gusto del consumidor.

Cómodo almacenamiento

Peso: 75gr

Ingredientes naturales

Para conseguir el verdadero sabor canario en tus recetas utiliza condimentos, como los que elaboramos en Argodey Fortaleza.

Se trata de especias típicas que se utilizan para sazonar y enriquecer platos de carnes, pescados, verduras, sancochos, etc. Para su consumo o utilización solo será necesario añadir aceite de oliva y vinagre al gusto.

INGREDIENTES: Ajo granulado, hojilla de pimentón, orégano, pimentón dulce, comino molido, tomillo.

Palm sap/syrup/palm honey or palm syrup made from the sap extracted directly from the Canary Island palm tree, endemic to the Canary Islands. It requires a long time of elaboration as the extraction process is 100% handmade and arduous, it is considered a perfect natural sweetener to accompany grilled cheese (typical of the Canary Islands), to sweeten desserts, drinks and even to accompany yoghurts.

Palm sap/syrup/honey made from traditional recipes with a touch of innovation and the use of the island's best raw materials of the highest quality. The main product is 100% natural, which means that the texture, colour and natural aroma of the product used to make it (palm honey) is preserved, giving it a truly homemade flavour. Palm sap/syrup/honey is characterised by its density, which means that it does not contain any natural or artificial thickener.

Frangollo is a traditional dessert from the Canary Islands. It is made in a traditional way from special lightly ground corn flour. With 100% natural ingredients without herbicides or pesticides and of indigenous origin. It is one of the most traditional and renowned desserts in the islands, especially for its high energy value.

The frangollo is a dessert made from finely ground and specially selected coarse-grained millet flour. This flour is the fundamental ingredient for the preparation of a good 'frangollo canario', an exceptional dessert can be obtained with the use of this frangollo. It is recommended to keep in a cool, dry place, once opened keep in a closed container to prevent it from spoiling, it can be refrigerated.

Dorada Pilsen beer is considered one of the best beers of the archipelago, special care is taken in the maturation process, which is longer in the cellar to obtain an intense flavour. It is presented in packs of 6X25 cl glass bottles.

The golden pilsen beer is brewed with natural ingredients such as water, malt, hops and yeast. It is the leading beer on the market in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and has created such a close relationship with its public that it has gone beyond being a brand to become an icon of reference in the archipelago. In this sense, it has a clear purpose: to refresh the moments of pleasure of those who live in the Canary Islands. True to their principles, they want to promote the economic and social development of the Canary Islands and seek to make them sustainable so that future generations can find a more prosperous and promising region. 

The spicy gourmet almogrote is a typical pâté from La Gomera, handmade following the original recipe from La Gomera with fatty cured goat's cheese. It has a creamy texture. Its colour is between orange and red. Its smell is of medium intensity and durability.

It is a handmade product, following the original Gomeran recipe.

It is perfect for spreading on bread, toast, arepas, potatoes, etc.

After crushing and mixing all the ingredients, it is packaged in the presentation format.

Temperature controlled packaging. The glass container undergoes a pasteurisation process. 220g

Fatty ripened cheese (milk), sunflower oil, granulated garlic, capsicum (Capsicum annuum), antioxidant: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, natural flavouring, colouring: paprika extract, hot paprika extract.

Mojo Rojo Picón is a variant of the Canarian mojo. It is a light sauce with a spicy touch very characteristic of the islands, perfect to accompany any type of dish or simply to spread on bread.

Mojo Rojo Picón is a variation of the Canarian mojo whose main ingredient is peppers which, after a process of extraction of the water present in this vegetable (drying), a subsequent rehydration and the mixture with oil, garlic, vinegar, cumin and salt, is a perfect accompaniment for meat, fish and potatoes in all their forms, without ruling out many other applications that can be given in Canarian cuisine and, why not, in international cuisine.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, red pepper, wine vinegar (sulphites), garlic, sea salt, wheat fibre, thickener: xanthan gum, spices.

A mild green mojo made from peppers, avocados and wine vinegar (it contains sulphites) of the highest quality and all its ingredients are checked with exhaustive rigour, they are 100% natural, without pesticides or herbicides.

It is a sauce with a characteristic soft greenish colour accompanied by an exquisite aroma and flavour. We recommend the use of mojos to accompany meat or fish dishes, whether grilled, grilled, fried or in any other way; they also go very well with potatoes (especially if you cook good wrinkled potatoes), toast, arepas, gofio (like the typical kneaded gofio), any typical dish from the Canary Islands, etc...